So yeah pretty much the article is about college men being AFRAID to even look at women because they think thats sexual harassment.


Okay, first off, women who make false rape allegations are dicks and should be penalized. That’s the most asshole thing you can do to a person, also you are delegitimzing the thousands of women who ARE raped and terrified to even admit it, let alone report the incident. I dont think most sensible people are ever gonna debate that.

Secondly, what this proves is that dickhole anti-SJW media like the OP have got everyone convinced that the United Church of Feminism is gonna send out straw feminists to bite guys’ balls off. Au contrare, Special Snowflake H8er, feminists are the people who go in an educate these boys what constitutes consensual sex and what doesn’t. The fact that they got all the way to college without the least handle on basic consensual relations is a testament to how invisible rape has been in our culture.

Thirdly, I don’t like that boys are now too afraid of making a sexual faux-pas to so much as look at a woman, but if it saves college girls being harrassed, sexually exploited, roofied and raped? The guys’ problem seems a LITTLE less important.

Fourthly, if you are too misinformed to know how to do it right, you shouldn’t be doing it at all. Getting through college without getting laid isnt going to ruin your life. Unlike, you know, being raped.

So sit down and suck on that, you ignorant attention-seeking little twitface.

So many things are wrong with this post, Jesus Christ.

First of all, please thoroughly explain how my post is “delegitimizing thousands of women who were raped and are afraid to admit it?”  Since, you know, I literally said nothing about actual real rape victims, I’d love to see how you drew that conclusion.

Secondly, how is anything I’ve said similar to suggesting that straw-feminists are going to come bite a guy’s balls off?  I simply suggested that feminists, like you, are so fucking deluded and your bubble of persecution distorts any and everything to such a hilarious degree that you actually see an article about men being afraid to approach women due to rape hysteria that you’ll inevitably draw the conclusion that the men are only afraid because they genuinely want to rape, rather than fearing getting accused of sexual misconduct.  And you proved my original post correct by your reply!

And I’m sure you’ll shrug off false rape claims citing some bullshit statistic that suggests false rape claims are like 1 or 2% of all reported rapes…even though men have spent years behind bars on false rape charges (most famously, Brian Banks of the NFL) and would’ve never been discovered to have been innocent had his accuser not admitted to his innocence on hidden camera.  So we don’t really have any true scope of how many jailed rapists may actually be imprisoned on false charges.  Which means men fearing false rape claims is a hell of a lot more reasonable than women being afraid to walk down the street at night.  Since, you know, men are more than twice as likely to be the victim of violent crime perpetrated by strangers than women.

From the Violent Victimization Committed By Strangers, 1993 - 2010 report [PDF]

The rate of violence against males by strangers was 9.5 victimizations per 1,000 males in 2010 compared to 4.7 victimizations per 1,000 females.

Criminal Victimization in the United States, 2008 Statistical Tables


But that’s proof of rape culture, according to feminists.

College Guy: “I’d love to go out, get drunk and get laid, but honestly…I’d rather not risk being accused of rape and have my entire future snatched away.”
Feminist: “Basically what you’re saying is that you can’t control your rapist urges.”

College Guy: “No, I would never rape a girl.  I just know there are quite a few guys out there who have been falsely accused and even after the girl recanted, admitting she was trying to cover up infidelity because she didn’t want to get dumped, the college still expelled him and wouldn’t let him back.  It could even happen if a girl’s feelings simply get hurt.  I don’t wanna risk it.”

Feminist: “You victim blaming piece of shit, 1 in 5 women are raped every day and you’re worried about your fucking reputation.  Maybe if you taught men to fucking control themselves they wouldn’t have to be afraid to be around a girl!”

College Guy: “W-w-what?”

You wanna talk about rape being invisible in our culture?  Books, movies and TV shows will casually say things like “don’t drop the soap” and “Federal Pound-Me-In-The-Ass Prison” in a joking context and nobody bats a fucking eyelash…but a stand-up comedian makes 1 rape joke and it’s a nationwide controversy for months.
Modern society actually cares more about rape than feminists such as yourself want to believe…but only when women are the victims.  There aren’t any PSAs teaching young boys where to go if their schoolteacher seduces them.  There are no PSAs telling young men that it’s not their fault if a woman drugged him or got him drunk and climbed on top of him while he was unconscious.  Most men aren’t even aware of any rape counselling centers or help lines that will offer them assistance…since you know, by definition in the US only men can commit rape anyway (which is why statistics suggest over 90% of rapists are male).  Female rapists are charged with sexual assault, if at all, and then hardly get more than a slap on the wrist.
But oh rape is invisible ‘cos arbitrary fucking reasons.
The answer to the problem of rape isn’t letting boys be terrified of false allegations that will ruin their lives and get kicked out of school.  Because yes, getting kicked out of an Ivy League school and possibly having a criminal record can ruin your life, or at least take away countless opportunities.  At least rape victims have counselling and can eventually overcome the trauma.  Once you’ve been expelled for sexual misconduct, what other decent school is going to want to take you?  And that is a problem if you’re actually innocent of the crime.
But seriously, you call me ignorant and attention-seeking?  You’re literally turning a discussion about the sexual activities of college students into how much of a fucking victim you are.  I’m simply suggesting that this behavior is fucking moronic…and even when I spell out how very stupid you are, you continue to display that same exact stupidity in abundance.
Tumblr feminism, everybody!  *bows with a flourish*


you fucking morons need to understand that “misogynist” and “misandrist” are nouns while misogynistic and misandristic are adjectives 

just in case any of you wanted to be taken seriously when you piss around talking about gender relations as if you have a clue 

don’t talk to me that way you’re such a misandristic.

#i disliked boy meets world#a lot

Thank god someone else did.  Fuck!  I liked it at first then it just became some sappy ass romance plot every week and I was just like “I am not a teenage girl I came here to laugh not say ‘aww Cory’s such a good boyfriend.’ ”
That truestfeminist person seems exactly the type of person blogs like yours talk about. her comments are making me cringe. :c

people need to stop making trollblogs ‘cos actual idiot SJWs just assume anything that’s more extreme than them is a trollblog and it’s becoming Poe’s Law up in here really big time.  I’m not sure if truestfeminist is for real.

"minor in women’s studies (I know it’s cliche)"  yeah no shit!


behold, it is i, the evil social justice warrior, here to ruin your fun by pointing out that you’re being kind of an asshole

behold, it is I, the evil social justice warrior xD *holds up spork* here to whine at you because you hurt my feelings *sob sob* meaniehead! pls no bully

  • Egalitarian Woman: I don't consider myself a feminist. The movement's too full of misandry to have any true concept of equality.
  • Feminist: You clearly don't know what feminism is. You're just trying to please men. You don't know what's good for you. I guess you're happy earning less at the same job. I bet you love it when men condescend to you because you're a woman. Do you not know how oppressed you are? You're just a dumb housewife who wouldn't know what to do with herself without a man there to steer you in the right direction.
  • Egalitarian Woman: Hmm, good point I guess I will consider myself a feminist now. #KILL ALL MEN Yay thank you i love my feminist sisters for showing me the light!


You can’t expect feminists to actually do anything to address problems they believe need correcting. If they actually did anything productive they wouldn’t have anything to whine and scream about. And that’s what feminism really is now.




found the best twitter 

Really? ‘cause all I saw was condescension and babysnark.

Feminists can’t come up with a way to defend themselves so they make a fake twitter for the most pathetic mocking I’ve ever seen.

The difference between Feminists and Anti-Feminists





Feminists actively want to censor who can and can’t be apart of Feminism.

Anti-Feminists don’t give half a shit what demographic you belong to.

Actually, anti feminists care if you’re a woman. Because then, they hate you.

What are you even talking about

what do you think all anti-feminists are men?

Most are

You must’ve not heard of the whole women against feminism trend.  But your point’s still stupid either way because even if a portion of anti-feminists are misogynists it doesn’t make anti-feminism about misogyny any more than areas of Asia with a large xenophobic and racist populations would make all Asians automatically racist.  Christians being homophobic doesn’t make all Christians homophobic.  Feminists being transphobic doesn’t mean you’re automatically transphobic because you’re a feminist.

Are you actually a troll because you’re just spouting cliches left and right and I’m hesitant to believe you’re genuinely this dumb.